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Jet Support 360 solutions

Business Aviation is a Rubik’s Cube™ of federal regulations, interdependencies between aircraft and equipment manufacturers and maintenance centers along with associated services tied to flight operations. Whether you’re a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Fortune 500 Business Leader, or flight department staff member, you are inundated with a myriad of decisions and challenges in an effort to optimize operations and make sound decisions. Making sense of the variables is where we come in.

Jet Support 360 team members have decades of practical, relevant experience in business aviation industry leadership roles. We’ve faced and overcome challenges of being aircraft owner operators, and served in professional capacities creating highly successful aviation endeavors on an international scale.

Jet Support 360 Advisors will leverage our broad based knowledge and deep aviation industry capabilities to your advantage. Our team knows how to think outside the box and solve the cube, and we will do it for you.


About Us

Paul LaFata

Ken Perich

Wayne Hundsdorfer

Tom Frazier

Our Vision

Our goal is to help you achieve your goals. If you are buying an aircraft or considering alternatives, want to enhance your aircraft operations, plan to make substantial upgrade investments, deciding whether or not to place your aircraft on charter, you are in the right place.

We will assist you through the process to arrive at a solution that is rooted in facts, financials, and efficiency.

We will never be affiliated, compensated, or otherwise accountable to an aircraft OEM, maintenance facility, aircraft broker, or charter operation. We are 100% committed to your needs. Once we take on a project you can rest assured knowing we will be with you every step of the way. We will establish goals and objectives for every engagement, and earn your trust.

Our Approach

We approach aircraft operations as Strategic Business Units requiring extensive knowledge of technology solutions, services, support, management techniques, maintenance, and financial planning strategies culminating in robust service delivery. Key areas of practice and expertise include the following:

  • General Consulting – We respond to your needs with customized services.

  • Fleet management solutions – Tailored support services designed to meet specific operational needs.

  • Aircraft Acquisition Management - From basic advisory service to turn key management, we’ve developed a building block approach to suit any situation

  • Retrofit, Modifications and Upgrades – Investment rationalization, completion center coordination and negotiations.

  • Cabin Completion Services – Green or refurbishment specifications development to onsite management.

  • Cost of Ownership Analysis – Assessment of flight department management strategies.

  • Avionics, Engine, or Airframe Protection Planning – Implementation of cost effective, predictable operating budgets .

  • Fuel Programs – Mission support provider streamlining and cost containment strategies.

Approaching the overall ecosystem surrounding and directly related to aircraft operations, in an absolutely unbiased, process oriented manner we give our clients distinct advantages over utilizing strictly organic resources. Our Team will help ensure you’re maximizing and considering a wide range of decision points to optimize operations.

The Jet Support 360 Team is not your typical aviation consulting partner. We are business aviation industry leaders, and subject matter experts. Breadth of industry experience and knowledge will be leveraged to our customer's benefit. We are success and goal oriented, and will not accept an engagement unless we are absolutely certain we are the right fit for you.